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WASPaLM and the Asia-Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine Renew Memorandum of Understanding

WASPaLM and the Asia-Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (APFCB) renewed their memorandum of understanding in ceremonies held in Kuala Lumpur on August 27, 2014.  The official signing took place at the 2014 International Congress of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

Standing (from left): Jagdish Butany (Secretary-Treasurer, WASPaLM), Sunil Sethi (Vice President, APFCB), Dobrin Svinarov (Director, WASPaLM),  Howard Morris (Vice President, IFCC), Roberto Ruiz-Arenas (Director for Latin America, WASPaLM), David Wilkinson (Director, WASPaLM),  Michael Oellerich (Director for Europe, WASPaLM),  Stewart Bryant (Director for Australasia, WASPaLM),  Marilene Melo (Director, WASPaLM),  Roberto Verna (Vice President, World Pathology Foundation) and Masami Murakami (President Elect, WASPaLM)

Seated (from the left): Dr Leslie Lai (President of APFCB) and Datuk Professor Dr. Looi Lai Meng (President of WASPaLM)

World Congress Update

Dr. Michael Oellerich, Director for Europe, met with Dr. Roberto Ruiz-Arenas and his team in Cancun to review arrangements for the 2015 World Congress of Pathology.  Representatives of the Organizing Committee, the Cancun Center (venue for the Congress) and the professional organizers are preparing an extraordinary scientific and cultural experience for meeting attendees.  Please check the Calendar page above for more information.


1st Row (left to right): Jorge Olmedo(OC); Angélica Padilla(CC); Marco Antonio Vences(OC); Rosa Sierra-Amor(IFCC Representative); José Ramírez(OC); Jimena Ruiz(PCO) and Elizabeth Ruiz(PCO).
2nd Row (left to right): Dinorah Cervantes(CC); Alberto Vazquezmellado(OC); Roberto Ruiz-Arenas(OC); Michael Oellerich (WASPaLM Representative); Arturo Ángeles(OC); Juan Manuel Gallardo(OC) and Edgar Ceballos(PCO).

CC - Cancun Center      OC - Organizing Committee     PCO - Professional Organizer

Proposals from Constituent Societies for the 2019 World Congress of Pathology are being requested.  The 2015 World Congress is being held in Cancun, Mexico and the 2017 World Congress will be in Tokyo, Japan.  Proposals can be made at any time, but all proposals must be submitted in final form by September 1st, 2015.  Constituent Societies should provide their submissions to the Secretary-Treasurer of WASPaLM (see About Us, Bureau and Societies, Bureau for his contact information).

2014-2015 Gordon Signy Fellows Named

The Board of Regents and the Trustees of the World Pathology Foundation, meeting on 25 August 2014 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, have selected Dr. Julio Diaz-Perez and Dr. Medina Rajbhadari as the next Gordon Signy Fellows.  This year there were nine (9) outstanding applicants from South America, Europe and Asia.

Dr. Diaz-Perez, from Columbia, plans a nine-month study of dermatopathology at Wake Forest University in North Carolina (USA).  Dr. Rajbhandari, from Nepal, will also study dermatopathology for six months at Wake Forest.  Gordon Signy Fellowships provide awards US$ 5,000 for young pathologists to further their training in a field that will benefit patients in their home countries.

The  application forms and information for the 2015-2016 Gordon Signy Fellowships are now available under the World Pathology Foundation - Gordon Signy Fellowships tab above. 

International Pathology Day November 5th 2014

The Royal College of Pathologists in the United Kingdom, which introduced its National Pathology Week in 2008, is hosting a web page - ILovePathology - that aims to engage the public about pathology.  The Royal College of Pathology in Australasia also marks International Pathology Day for everyone involved in pathology to celebrate pathology and show pride in their roles as advocates for patients and the entire community.  WASPaLM formally supports the Royal College and the RCPA in this special effort.

IFCC and WASPaLM Discuss Future Cooperation

Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey on 24 June 2014 Graham Beastall (President IFCC), Howard Morris (Vice President IFCC),  Gamze Mocan Kuzey, (previous President WASPaLM), Michael Oellerich, (Director Europe / Past President WASPaLM) and Jorge Olmedo (President of the Mexican Federation of Clinical Pathology) agreed on three possible areas of future cooperation.  These included:

  • A joint IFCC/WASPaLM Symposium at the World Congress of Pathology on 18 November 2015 in Cancun, Mexico.
  • A joint IFCC/WASPaLM meeting of the IFCC Young Scientist Group at the World Congress of Pathology in Cancun, Mexico
  • A joint IFCC/WASPaLM high level policy statement regarding the vital contribution of laboratory medicine to healthcare







Last Updated 5 August 2014



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