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134th WHO Executive Board Focuses on Non-Communicable Disease and WHO Reform

Prof. Dott. Roberto Verna, MD, PhD represented WASPaLM at the 134th WHO Executive Board Meeting in Geneva from 20-26 January 2014.  Dr. Verna's summary of the meeting is a call to action for all WASPaLM Constituent Societies.

WASPaLM and Chinese Society for Laboratory Medicine

The Chinese Society for Laboratory Medicine has agreed to become a Constituent Society of WASPaLM thanks to the efforts of Lai Meng Looi, president of WASPaLM, Annie Cheung, WASPaLM Director for Asia, Michael Oellerich, WASPaLM Past President, Jagdish Butany, WASPaLM Secretary Treasurer, and Sun Fei, General Secretary of the Chinese Society for Laboratory Medicine.  Approval of their membership by the Bureau is expected within the next 45 days.

WHO III Global Forum on Human Resources

Two thousand attendees from 84 countries, most of them ministers of Health, their officers and NGO´s working for Public Health met in Recife, Brazil to discuss universal access to health care around the world.  WASPaLM was represented by Director-at-Large Dr. Marilene Melo as well as the Brazilian Medical Association.

          Dr. Marilene Melo and Mr. Mitsuhiro Ushio, Vice           Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan

The main purpose of the Forum was international commitment to Universal Health Coverage: Strengthening Human Resources through a Vertical Program. Forty countries agreed to this proposal.
  The Forum's several round tables focused on: 

  • Matching health workforce production to population needs and expectations
  • Social needs and the regulatory role of the State.
  •  Deployment, retention and management of the health care workforce
  • Harnessing health workers voice, rights and responsibilities in moving towards UHC


Women's Health: the APFCB Congress in Bali, Indonesia

DrsLia G Partakusuma, Gamze Mocan Kuzey, Lai Meng Looi and Sema Zergeroglu captured their audiences with powerful presentations about Women's Health.  Click HERE to read the full story.

2014 Gordon Signy Fellows Announced

Felipe D'Almeida Costa of Brazil and Henry Okuchukwu Ebili of Nigeria were selected for Gordon Signy Fellowships by the Regents and Trustees of the World Pathology Foundation.  The Fellowship provides an award of US$5,000 for advanced study in pathology outside the applicant's home country.  This year there were eight (8) highly qualified applicants that made the selection process especially challenging.  Dr. Costa plans to study neuropathology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland (USA) while Dr. Ebili will study molecular neuropathology at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, Texas (USA).

Update on Labs Are Vital

The LabsAreVital Consortium Board adopted a Terms of Reference document to govern the Consortium on 23 January 2014.  Board members appointed by their respective societies include Blair Holladay (alternate Steve Ciaccio) from the American Society for Clinical Pathology; Eddie Welsh (alternate Tom Stowe) from the International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science; Ellis Jacobs (alternate Graham Beastall) from the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry; and Henry Travers (alternate Michael Oellerich) from the World Association of Societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.









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