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World Pathology Foundation Trustees Meet in Cancun: Revise Gordon-Signy Fellowship and Articles of Incorporation

  The Trustees of the World Pathology Foundation met on November 18, 2015 and elected new officers.  Dr. Roberto Verna of Italy was elected President; Dr. Looi Lai-Meng of Malaysia first Vice-President; Dr. Roberto Ruiz Arenas of Mexico second Vice-President; and Dr. Henry Travers of the United States Secretary-Treasurer.

  The Trustees provided for an increase in the Gordon-Signy stipend, at the discretion of the Board of Regents, to provide up to $7,500 for Fellowships with training exceeding 89 days (3 months or more).  In addition, the Trustees revised the application procedure for the Fellowships to require copies of qualifying credentials (diplomas and certificates), a curriculum vitae, a letter of reference from the applicant's primary pathology training program and disclosure of other sources of support for the proposed training.

  The Articles of Incorporation were revised to combine the offices of Secretary and Treasurer into a single office of Secretary-treasurer and to provide for a second Vice-President.

2016 Gordon Signy Fellows Announced

The Regents of the Gordon Signy Fellowship of the World Pathology Foundation are pleased to announce the 2016 Gordon Signy Fellows.  The Gordon Signy Fellowships are open to pathologists worldwide who are within 10 years of their initial training in pathology and provide financial assistance for them to study in countries away from their homes in order to acquire skills useful to patients in the fellows' native countries.

The two young pathologists were chosen from a field of eight (8) applicants.  Dr. Leonardo Lordello is from Brazil and will study gynecologic pathology at the Massachusetts General Hospital.  Dr. Panjwani Poonam is from India and will study hematopathology at Stanford University.


WHO Regional Committee for the Western Pacific

Guam, 12-16 October 2015

WASPaLM was represented by its President, Dr. Lai-Meng Looi. 


Chinese National Laboratory Medicine Conference

Nanjing, 9-12 September 2015

WASPaLM President Dr. Lai-Meng Looi and WASPaLM Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Jagdish Butany presented lectures and symposia at the meeting. 








Last Updated 21 November 2015


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