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Joint IFCC-WASPaLM Young Scientists Meeting in Cancun

“WASPaLM  - IFCC TF YS Joint Session, CANCUN 2015”

18th November 2015, 8.00AM-11.00AM


Young Specialists in Lab Medicine of the Future – Preparing Together


WASPaLM in conjunction with Mexican Federation of Clinical Pathology and the Federation of Pathology of Mexico organised the XXVIII World Congress WASPaLM-2015 from 18 to 21 November 2015 in Cancun. Cancun is a beautiful city located on the Caribbean Sea in south eastern Mexico near the center of the Mayan Civilisation.

This joint session of WASPaLM and IFCC was conducted on 18 November 2015 as a clinical pathology course (CPC9). The goal of the session was to bring young scientists from both sides of the Atlantic together on the same platform for discussion, networking and exchange of ideas in the rapidly changing world of healthcare; both in terms of technology and economic pressures. Medical tests impact patient health by influencing clinical management and decisions. Thus, in addition to their role in diagnosis, clinical laboratories are now increasingly becoming involved in assisting physicians make therapeutic decisions. Laboratories therefore may need to develop different implementation strategies for their hospitals, general practitioners or other clinician clients to increase awareness, thus facilitating adherence of recommendations through acceptance and adoption designs.

The session was opened with welcome addresses by Dr Lai Meng Looi, President of WASPaLM, and Dr Maurizio Ferrari, President of IFCC, coordinated by Dr Rosa Sierra-Amor, EB-IFCC. These were followed by a short introduction to the IFCC-Task Force on Young Scientists (TFYS) by Dr Pradeep Kumar Dabla, Chair IFCC-TFYS. The first talk of the session was given by Dr Michael Oellerich, Director for Europe, WASPaLM, titled “Future of Laboratory Medicine - Challenges & Opportunities”. He discussed the major current forces driving clinical laboratory organization and the opportunities of personalized diagnostics. He concluded that despite all challenges we should be optimistic because the new technologies and advances in Molecular Diagnostics provide an environment in which Laboratory Medicine has a chance to grow as an academic profession. The next talk was given by Dr Roberto Ruiz-Cordero, a young WASPaLM scientist doing a fellowship at Anderson Cancer Center, USA. The title of his talk was “Healthcare & Medical Laboratory - State of Major Transformations” where he summarized the financing, work environment and key delivery issues and how to tackle them. The third talk was given by Dr Pradeep Kumar Dabla, Chair IFCC-TFYS, entitledInterface Linking Laboratory Medicine & Clinical Medicine - Two sides of same coin”. He emphasized that the role of the laboratory in patient management should be improved by adding value to laboratory tests through the use of appropriate test requests and utilisation that meet changing testing needs. He explained that the laboratory-clinical interface is of fundamental importance to ensure that the patient is given high quality care. Lastly Dr José Francisco Muñoz-Valle, Professor at the Universidad de Guadalajara, discussed “Education & Training Programmes Opportunities – Preparing Lab work force” in which he gave a clear view of the requirements and different educational programmes available in different parts of Mexico for young laboratory scientists.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks from Dr Rosa Sierra-Amor and the commitment by Senior Leaders of both societies to again conduct such joint educational and networking activities in the near future.

The TFYS would like to thank all Senior Members of WASPaLM, IFCC and the participants for their attendance and support. The session was successful in contributing to the understanding of the current trends in Laboratory Medicine and in allowing young scientists to be aware of future challenges and opportunities.

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